Do you want a kitchen that gets people talking, for all the right reasons?! Since I was a child I have been playing with patterns, colours and textures.

Thankfully the child within has       never left. Every day I
access the creative gifts I’ve   been given and use them to         wow my clients with kitchen designs jam packed with function and style.


When we meet for the first time you’ll quickly notice I like to laugh. Clients tell me they really appreciate that I make sure we get the job done right and have fun at the same time. I appreciate the trust my clients place in me to help capture their vision and translate it into a kitchen that is a pleasure to spend time in.

Most of my clients are professionals who have an artistic side. Often my clients have a mainstream type of profession (doctors, engineers etc.) during the day but have hobbies such as cooking or art that allows them to express their creative side. I love working in a collaborative way and believe that the best ideas happen through rich, open conversations. That’s what I think great kitchens should inspire as well.

I’m really excited about my new partnership with local artists who help add a unique twist to my clients’ kitchens. Please make sure to check out some truly awe inspiring pieces that can be incorporated into your space. If I am lucky enough to work with you we will explore a number of styles and pieces throughout the design and selection process.

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope we will have the opportunity to have a chat sometime about the kitchen you are aspiring to design and build.

Denise Holmes Certified Kitchen Designer

Denise Holmes
Certified Kitchen Designer

P.S. Since this is page to toot my own horn let me point out that I’ve been a proud winner of two national kitchen design awards: The Canadian Design Competition 1998 Winner and the Overall Design Excellence Award Winner. You can also check out an article published about one of my kitchen designs in Canadian Home and Country.