Do you want a kitchen that gets people talking, for all the right reasons?! I must admit that there were times that I had a hard      time visualizing things
and Denise helped reassure me    that it would turn out great
which it certainly did.

- Nicole Witteveen, Kitchener

For more of Nicole's story and experience with Denise listen to the 4 minute audio interview by clicking on the speaker below.


Project Scope

A kitchen you could call home! The wall between the kitchen and family room was removed, creating an open flow and a place where the family could come together. A variety of tasks are done in this space; homework, crafts, cooking, paying bills, chatting or simply having a glass of wine. Cabinetry by Willoughby’s, lighting by Living Lighting.

This ensuite is a peaceful place to unwind; the materials and colours selected created this sand and sea ambiance.